Vegetarian chili dogs.

I used to make this really fantastic black bean chili – vegetarian.  I would never finish it, but it froze quite well, so I did that.  One day, I got a hot dog craving.  This is not unusual in the course of being a vegetarian for 25 years.  The only dogs I’ve ever found to be up to snuff – though I haven’t tried Field Roast yet – are Smart Dogs.  Actual meat eaters say they’re kind of awful, but they recall the real thing to me.  At any rate, I remembered my frozen black bean chili, got the Smart Dogs on the grill, and voila – vegetarian chili dogs!  They were quite good, probably through a combination of good cooking (the chili) and memory lane (the hot dogs).

So there you have it.  Another post of random inanities!  I guess this may be how it begins.  Good day to you.


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